i love

A little about me.  I love hearing people's stories and about their journey through life. I have yet to meet a person that is the same as another and I love it! It's honestly why I landed into photography - as the saying goes "do what you love", so why not document human life and showcase each unique story and journey!?

For me, I am a California native, I grew up in the beautiful city of Agoura Hills, and found my way to Salt Lake City 10 years ago. The Wasatch Mountains were calling my name and haven't stopped! I married my College Sweetheart 8 years ago and together we are raising two perfect little men. 

hello. I'm haley.


dapper attire

coastal cities

authentic love

silky smooth kight

simple florals

fresh babies 

Let me tell your story, because your story is picture perfect. Forget instagram, forget all outside distractions and enjoy the few hours we share together. Let me document your family, your love, your connections. 

Trust me, true laughter is SO much better and authentic than the cheesy grin. I want you to remember the day as it was, remember your kids as they were, and truly relive the moment and time every time you look at your images. 


I believe the perfect photo isn't about the outfits or location. It's about the people and the stories you share. What makes you, YOU! 

haley's Philosophy